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BARKBOX (bahrk-boks), noun: For humans, BarkBox is a monthly box of paw-picked toys and all-natural treats. For pups, it’s the joy of a thousand belly scratches. For mailmen, it’s burying the bone and hatchet.

I thought we were having a mustache party!

He wont be so happy when he knows that there feeding him so he can get fat for thanksgiving...

Dog nose <3


This dog just helping out his friend. | The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time

This dog who refused to go through the other door, making his kids embarrassed every.time. | The 40 Most Awkward Dogs Of 2013

This jumping pup. | The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time

This dog who waited patiently for his distracted human. | this is the cutest thing ever!!


"That awkward moment when you think someone is about to die, but then they get mauled by love". This is so precious.

I think this is so adorable and cute I always feel the same way

I loved hugging my yellow lab !

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12 pet duos you can totally relate to

Awww :{ lol

A curious dolphin emerges from the sea and gives the dog riding in the boat a kiss on the nose! The playful dolphin swims off and seems overjoyed at having met a new friend.


love corgies!


This is why I love dogs

probably the cutest thing ive ever seen!

Hello Golden Retrievers! --So true!!!

This is quite possibly the cutest thing in the entire world.