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Baawk! I'm going extinct! A large number of important historical breeds of chickens are in danger of being lost. Sand Hill Preservation Center is helping preserve more than just seeds, but also breeds chickens. Let's raise some of these in our backyards.

Dominique chickens are a threatened American breed on the Ark of Taste`s heritage list. If you raise them you get great feathers, eggs, meat, and you help preserve a dieing breed.

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Save Money on Chicken Feed - Build these Grazing Boxes for Your Flock!

DIY grazing boxes make for happy hens. They're a great way to save on the cost of raising backyard chickens (and other poultry), too!


Organic Homemade Chicken Feed Recipe (That Won’t Break The Bank)

Want to give organic chicken feed to your flock, but can't afford the high prices? Making your own is a snap. This article has a recipe that shows you how and exactly what to buy. From FrugalChicken

This is the website of the author of my favorite poultry book. It contains a ton of great homesteading information... It's really like an online homesteading book. In this section is his info on growing food, but there's lots more to see on other subjects too. A lot of the wisdom that he put in his book can be found in the poultry section. ~WR

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Sand: The Miracle Bedding

Using Sand in the Coop | The 104 Homestead

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Why do sprouting seeds mean happy chickens?

Why do sprouting seeds mean happy chickens? We spill the beans!

Dorking is a Heritage Breed– This relatively calm bird is nonaggressive so it does well around children and small dogs. Another dual-purpose chicken, the Dorking is a superior table fowl with tender flesh and meaty breasts and wings. Dorkings are productive winter layers, providing a steady egg supply when other breeds are not laying. Good broody hens and excellent mothers, they stay with their chicks much longer than other breeds.

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~The Number One Reason Why YOU Need Chickens~

You need a few chickens in your backyard... here's the number one reason why. |

Natural Spring Cleaning - A piece of charcoal attached to the wall inside a coop can give your poultry access to a natural substance that will help absorb toxins and help to keep the digestive system in balance.

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Find the Best Automatic Chicken Door Openers

By Gail DamerowAn automatic door is indispensable if you’re not always there to let your chickens out in the morning and close them in at night to secure t

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From Seed to Feed in 8 days: Barley Fodder Sprouting Trials

From Seed to Feed in 8 days: Barley Fodder Sprouting Trials. Great feed for the rabbits and chickens too.

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Excellent Layer (250-300 eggs per year). Large gentle birds. Australorps are the Australian take on the Orpington breed. They are calm and friendly, and excellent layers of light brown eggs. The Australorp's exceptionally soft, shiny black plumage has hints of green and purple in the sunlight. Peaceful and dignified, Australorps are an absolutely delightful bird which we highly recommend to anyone who wants a pet chicken that lays dependably. Docile. Quiet.