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  • Kristi Garrett

    Newborn picture ideas - love the "family of hands" will be doing this

  • Pam Tjepkema

    20 Creative Pregnancy and Newborn Photo ideas. Could also do this as a Father's Day gift with the boys' hands.

  • Becky Harrison

    Family picture idea. It'll look especially awesome with the enormous size difference between mine and my man's hands.

  • Jackie Poteet

    * Cute maybe we will do this when we get our family pictures done! (20 Creative Pregnancy and Newborn Photos... some cute ideas here. I love the baby in the mailbox, and the big glasses sleeping on the books.)

  • Charyn Hall

    20 Family Photo Ideas You're Going To Love-Emerald Interior Design - Hands Photograph

  • Brandi Hendrickson

    Pic Ideas: newborn photo ideas

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Cute idea for a pic!!!! Whitney Clark Clark Silhan. But turned to where the baby's face shows. How cute is that?

I've never wanted to shoot a newborn before. This image might just sway me.

The interaction between Mom, Dad, and Baby is terrific. And the light on baby's face? Delicious!

Newborn--you could add name, date, poundage to the letter--great for announcement

newborns/mother-baby/NICU will occupy my whole life this semester and I'm so, so excited!

Amazing how this photographer was able to get the face, hands, and feet all together in one small frame. Just beautiful composition on this one!

Baby Heart Hands, I've seen several shots of this with different people taking credit, love it though . . .

These are the people I am supposed to call mother and father. My mother cries when I don't remember and father tells me time heals. I don't understand this concept that time can heal. Time is just minutes and hours. How can it heal me? I believe I must wake up the parts of my soul that are still sleeping. That will heal my memory.

cute idea for a shoot of all my nephews - when they are old enough to stand on the ladder - Yes!