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Lakeshore’s Magnetic Write & Wipe Display Hooks let you organize & display classroom materials—from vocabulary word lists to math facts flash cards—on any magnetic surface!

For the kids, on the magnet board, in the breakfast nook Magnetic Letters - Uppercase at Lakeshore Learning

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Draw & Write Journal - Each

Draw & Write Journal - Each | shopswell

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Magnetic Alphabet Maze

Magnetic Alphabet Maze | shopswell

Lakeshore’s Write & Wipe Kid Magnets are perfect for taking attendance, graphing activities, assigning students to classroom centers & more!

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Word Building Magnetic Letters - Lowercase

Word Building Magnetic Letters - Lowercase | shopswell

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Ready for Preschool Backpack - Each

Ready for Preschool Backpack - Each | shopswell

Lakeshore’s Magnetic Wands help children explore attraction & repulsion with a variety of classroom objects—or with other wands! #Lakeshoredreamclassroomcontest

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Trace & Write Alphabet Center

Trace & Write Alphabet Center | shopswell

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Roll & Write Word Game

Roll & Write Word Game | shopswell

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Building Language 3-D Lotto

Building Language 3-D Lotto | shopswell

Classroom Designer from Lakeshore Learning: With this interactive tool, it’s easy to design your own classroom layout filled with affordable and fully-assembled Lakeshore furniture!