My kind of post-it note!

21 Things Your Burglar Won’t Tell You! Put your car keys by your bed at night. If you hear someone breaking in, just push the panic button on your key fob. All the neighbors will hear. Lots of good ideas to keep safe in this post. Great links to emergency preparedness too

This is my kind of Lunch Box...Divided sections keep foods separate; there’s even one that holds the reusable 8-oz. drink bottle.

How cool is this product!?! You can actually see under the iron to see if the wrinkles are gone! Genius.

Don't you hate it when you have the best idea in the shower, and can't recall it when you step out the door four minutes later? Us neither, however, if your creativity knows no bounds, then some Aqua Notes should help you keep the ideas flowing once the water is turned off.

(pen tops, for lunch at your desk) This is genius!

I could use this all over the place.. cool-stuff

Travel Jewelry Case. What a good idea, because I never know how to pack my jewelry.


Mug with a hoop

literally the best thing ever..

Handy Soap! what an awesome idea?!

use a sunglasses case to store cords and cables in your bag...perfect for traveling!

now, this is my kind of pillow! i definitely sleep like this

For writing down dreams or story ideas in the middle of the night. << CAN I HAVE THIS NOW PLEASE!?!?!?

12 Cool Gifts for Traveler Some of these are cool and others are funny and kind of strange.

interesting storage - in the pantry/on the pantry doors?

Estuche kebab