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Tech That's Revolutionizing Your Daily Chores

SWASH de-wrinkles and removes odors without the wear and tear of a traditional washing machine or dryer.

Is the Future Desktop a 40'' Tablet?

Table and a computer concept [ ] #technology #online #marketing | Repinned by @keilonegordon

A cool gadget to protect sensible data or just things you don't want anyone to see. A secure USB Key #security #usb #key #innovation #gadget #technology #smarttechnology #smartlife

Five New Technologies That Will Change Your Life In 10 Years

Autodesk Research team presented the Magic Finger, a fingertip-mounted input device "which supports always-available input." A couple of things distinguish it from a mere finger-mounted mouse: One, it contains a tiny camera that can distinguish different textures, enabling context-aware actions; for example, the device could be programmed to send different commands depending on what it was touching, i.e. swiping your cotton shirt answers your cell phone.