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one of my go-to dips. but don't serve it with the endive. no one ever knows what to do with it, and then you end up having all this leftover endive, which also, on its own, doesn't really make for good salad. just sayin'. twin loaves, cut thin and on a diagonal...a couple minutes in the oven to crisp...beautiful!

Mushroom and marscarpone tarts - looks delicious, but I think I would skip the homemade tart route and use the premade mini app shells instead.

Baked Ricotta and Goat Cheese with Candied Tomatoes - need to try this again. Was a little underwhelmed with my first effort.

Herbed Ricotta Spread with Feta Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes on Multigrain Toasts / Patty's Food

All you need are 4 simple ingredients to have your own flaky, buttery, lightly crunchy cheese sticks. Great to snack on their own or for dipping, these cheese sticks are the perfect addition to your next cheese and wine party or any other occasion.

Yum...You could also bring this to a brunch. REVIEW: If I ever make this again I would definitely have to bring it to a big group brunch because it was just too much of the same thing for us. We were sick of it by the end and didn't finish it, but it was tasty the first time for sure.

Feta, ricotta & spinach rolls yummy looking appetizer

¿Who knows the recipe?! / Lemon Cheese Mochi

I have to admit I'm a bit bored with the whole breakfast thing lately... tired of fried eggs every weekend, I've been searching for something new to try - and this is it!! Puffed Cheese Omelette

Individual Roasted Pepper and Ham Stratas