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  • Cheyenne Smidt

    70's toys - silly putty comic and when you pull it off you would have the comic printed on the putty. Look up the origins of silly putty for a good story! LJ. (The next group of kids used blue tacky in the same way.)

  • Kimberley Farr

    Silly Putty and funny papers on Sunday morning?! Great childhood memories!

  • Mike Dickey

    Silly Putty the Comic Strip on Sunday mornings

  • Jenna Lewis

    80s toy! Silly Putty!

  • Janet Swisher

    If you can remember this, then you remember the 70's... Silly Putty

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The Wonder Toy of the Twentieth Century by jbcurio, via Flickr

silly putty - we used to put this in our ears when we went swimming to keep the water out.

Silly Putty - Source: Superman #171, August 1964- via jbcurio (Jamie) on Flickr. It's amazing how much entertainment we got out of this little egg of goo and the Sunday Funnies!

hours of fun wth newspaper and comics

This was one of my favorite things to do with Silly Putty and the comics on Sundays while growing up in the 60's!

We used to stick this on the comic section in the newspaper on Sundays & stretch it to make funny faces.

Silly putty -- I fucking loved this stuff! I remember my dad bought me the kind that changes from pink to purple! Krissy - -

I got my first Silly Putty in the 2nd grade, and I have loved Silly Putty ever since. Ask my kids...

I loved this stuff!---used to copy cartoons from the newspaper!

You can pull it like taffy, mold it into any shape, bounce it like a rubber ball, and magically lift pencil drawings or newsprint ink off a page.

used to long to snap and pop it and pick up pictures from comics