wonderful book! The movie was good too but must watch after reading!

also good book. and movie

My favorite book of all time! Such a well told story. Please don't judge the book on the bad BAD movie.


Heaven is for Real

Looks like a great suspense book, on my " to be read" list

The Lovely Bones

great book

One of the best books I've ever read. I'm usually not into historical books but this was amazing. I recommend this to everyone.

I loved this book....his poetry was honest in a sick, but honest way!

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. As a young man, Jacob Jankowski worked for the Benzini Brothers Circus, living in a world of deceit, passion, and indescribable wonder. There, he and the circus's star, Marlena, formed a powerful bond with Rosie the elephant that became their only hope for survival. This is storytelling at its absolute finest!

Promise Not to Tell by Jennifer McMahon

Marley and Me

Surprise ending.

Summer 2014 reading list. Books to read before they're movies.

Love reading

Many people just think of the movie but Mary Poppins is actually a series books that are equally great for children and adults to read.

50 books to read before they're movies

Room: amazing. Tore through this book in an evening. Couldn't put it down.