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autism awareness tattoo based on a favorite saying of Eustacia Cutler's (Temple Grandin's mother).

Via Ink4Autism "Bärbÿ V Ink4Autism "This is my husbands autism awareness tattoo for our son Luke."

My husbands autism awareness tattoo. Our son is names Lucas after "George Lucas" and Luke for short . So he got a darth vader in the puzzle Piece to.

Image from http://flparentingnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/autism-tattoos-designs-on-foot.jpg.

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wanted to show off my tattoo to all my peeps following this board. It is in tribute to my son, Aaron. The anchor is because after he was born he was and is the stabilizing anchor in my life. The ribbon is for autism awareness and his name s his actual signature. I hope everyone likes it. I love it!!

Love that it has so many things that are meaningful to me but I would change the anchor type.