We need to realize that our problems are not nearly as bad as we make them out to be. We are each truly blessed.


I might have cried when I saw the dead soldier. Also not supporting the to last pictures choice of words.

We will overcome!

Josh Kindlesparker is a Realtor that has an in depth knowledge of the small towns in Madison County Indiana. He graduated from Lapel High School in 95 and has been in the area except for his four year tour in the Marine Corps.

U.S. Marine Corps

MILITARY Iraq war photo transformed into bronze sculpture


USMC - Providing the enemies of America an opportunity to die for their country since

A little jab at my friends in the Air Force. #oohrah

I've learned to love the Air Force but I'm still a Marine Brat at heart. Love you USMC humor

The Front Lines (33 Photos)

Honor our soldiers risking their lives to protect our country and freedom. God bless them and thank you.