Bike riding . #vintage #1940s

War corsetry, 1940s rationing, 40s fashion, rubber needed for the war effort not for corsetry

1940s cycle fashion

1940s fashion

Rita Hayworth, 1940s- I would wear this entire outfit like, tomorrow.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. Albert Einstein history personal-development

1940s fashion


Fantastic 1940s skirt suits and elegant hats.


Gene Tierney- gorgeous 1940s fashion <3 She was the star of the movie, 'Laura' ....a haunting movie and beautiful music.

Teenagers having a soda, 1940s.

Leather and a bike

Vintage style

Models On Bond Street, London, 1942 The wartime look in Britain became much more austere as the years went by. This was the first collection of Utility Dresses for Women, designed by Norman Hartnell in 1942, and showcased on a very quiet Bond Street.

Skirt and blouse coming into fashion but this is the best of the best.

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Yakkay helmets! ...

Vintage style + bow #vintage #ark #style