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  • Didi Riley

    clever idea

  • Cindy

    We asked; you voted. Here, your favorite double-duty household items of all time.

  • Carol Fuhrman

    15 Easy But Ingenious Home Tips!

  • Nancy Beck

    25 Smart Life Hacking Tricks For 2013.

  • Kelly Martin

    Packing tape, paper clips, and more creative uses for desk accessories and office supplies.

  • Sayori Yoshida

    101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home | Glamumous! Good Idea!

  • Laura Tudor

    ~ Hailey's Helpful Hints ~: Use a toothpick to secure the end of packing tape

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Clean toothbrush cleans up corn silk~ Haileys Helpful Hints ~: New Uses for Old Things

Seal Plastic Bags with Old Bottle Caps - I'm gonna wait for an opportunity to do this & I'll totally look like MacGyvver :)

This beats trying to find that darn edge and tearing half the roll in the process. Via

Does your home need a little DIY pick-me-up? Paint like a PRO & do it by using common household items like plastic wrap, wire hangers and a hair dryer! It will save you time AND money!

Works well with pretty much anything in a bag that needs a good air tight seal.

Use press n' seal to prevent your necklaces from tangling when traveling- this is genius!!

Lace tape. This is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. Im pretty sure if I owned this fantastic tape, I'd have lace tape on everything... including myself.

Paris Umbrella Sticky Tape. Imagine this on kraft paper warpping a gift. So cute!