Doggie heaven :)

Silly dogs, they're not the right size for those beds

Pit Bull Fight… dogs can just be so cruel: Animals, Dogs, Funny Stuff, Pitbull Fight, Funnies, Funny Animal

dish licker extraordinaire!


cute little pup :)

A dog’s seeing eye dog - get your kleenex out


Image detail for -Basset hounds just may be my favorite dogs--and one would fit so well ...

hahaha this is sooooo Riley girl!!

I want a Beagle!!!

A new friend for Aldo?

My dogs!!!!

Literally the story of my life the last two and a half weeks!

sleeping Pitbull puppy: 3/4 Beds, So Cute, Pet, Pitbull, Cute Animals, Food Network/Trisha, Pit Bull, Funny Animal, Adorable Animal

I said good day!

this is how i react to sprinkles too? @Christina Horstmann

Him? No he doesn't want a treat. He says I can have two. #doghumor #funnydog #doghumor #cute #funny #funnypuppy #dogtalk

Absolute truth.