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“The wind rose. The waves drummed the shore, like turbaned warriors, like turbaned men with poisoned assegais who, whirling their arms high, advance upon the feeding flocks, the white sheep.” -Virginia Woolf, The Waves Matt Wisniewski - My home is the sea

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Double Exposure Portraits by Aneta Ivanova

Aneta Ivanova is an expert at double exposure photography. All of her work is so clean and that's why I am drawn to them. Also, her juxtaposition of images inside of the silhouettes create a good narrative.

Harry Potter. Friends tv show. Photography. Narnia. Christmas. You've Got Mail. The Parent Trap. Camping. Chocolate. Winter. Kittens. Jane Austen. SNL. Kristen Wiig. Johnny Depp. One Direction. Gilmore Girls. HIMYM. Diane Keaton.....

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