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Floral piano keys??? Wondering how upset my family would be if I did this to our piano because I really really want to

Start collecting keys...check flea markets, antique shops, ask friends if they have old keys they dont want or need

Skeleton Keys, but with character and meaning and special stories. The idea of history, and the secrets it once guarded, and treasures it kept safe, and the stories it has witnessed. <3

really like this old lock--maybe could make something similar with a spray painted mask and foam board hmmmmmmm.....

Use toothpaste on picture hooks. Toothpaste marks the wall where you want it placed and allows you to easily nail and hang pictures. Brilliant!

I collect keys like this:)) I try and go to an antique shop eveywhere we go(usually different state wise)...also gives me a reason to go to antique shops(;

Skeleton key....we all had this same key back in the 50's and 60's, but my grandmother had beautiful crystal looking doorknobs......

These scissors are made by a scissor company in China that's been around since 1663. How cool, amazing, and so many other adjectives!