I'm really into the bird tattoos lately. Probably bc my next one will be one. Love the motion of the wings on the left!

simple but yet elegant

#tattoo #bird #birdcage

Song bird

Love Birds

{:) best friend tattoo...***** We need one of these @Natalie lol..} Hell yes we do! This summer I'm js :)

"If you're a bird, I'm a bird" wedding tattoos

Paper planes temporary tattoos. This website has some awesome and fun temporary tats, including these, that would be cool as permanent pieces of body art.


I have a bird obsession.

Birds on wrist

Front shoulder bird tattoo add Take these broken wings and learn to fly. I love this.

together forever, never apart. maybe in distance but never in <3

Love me for who I am.. I love the words, the placing and the added butterflies of this tattoo.

love this.


Mini birds.


simple and lovely