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but, i don't like you


Funny Friendship Ecard: That was actually really funny. But I don't like you. Therefore I shall not laugh.

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A good man can make you feel sexy, strong and able to take on the world. oh sorry, that's wine, wine does that.

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I told someone something similar to this a while ago. I hate folding laundry!

As I'm getting texts from him...oh yeah, the garbage!

Im very busy doing things. very busy. very busy. very, very busy.

I don't understand how some women have 20 plus bridesmaids. I don't even like that many people. | Wedding Ecard | someecards.com

this is the most accurate thing ever. I don't get the whole bridesmaid thing, period. They get people they hardly ever talk to so it looks like they actually have friends.

Seriously. Especially if it just says 'call me'. I LOVE THIS !!

CHECKING MY VOICEMAIL DRIVES ME NUTS! I think I seriously will make this my new outgoing voicemail message. maybe instead of "send a brief text" I would say "I will see that you have called and will call you back soon" :)

Will cocktails be served at your daughter's princess party or shall I tailgate in your driveway? | Birthday Ecard | someecards.com

I'll be saying this to my friends with kids. But then again, this might be why I'm not being invited to the princess parties.

In my group discussion, I mentioned that I don't really use facebook much especially as a news source for people that are close to me. Also, when I do use facebook I tend to comment on happy or exciting news. Although other people might utilize facebook for completely different reasons than me. In many ways, stance choices can be representative of personality and uses of online communication. Theresa Colado Module 6 Group 5

Love this! I barely get on FB anymore because the same people always have either drama or pity parties. I've got family members I could call if I wanted to hear it.