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These are great words to live by. Whether it is a celebration in the traditional sense, like: a new job, birthday, Christening of a ship. Or the not so traditional, like you survived Tuesday. Eith...

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the only way to live. Dreams. Goals. Motivation. Inspiration. Quotes. Wisdom. Advice. Life lessons.

I love it when she works quickly. Like 5 minutes after someone couldn't stop themselves from being a douche for no other reason then they felt like it. lmao

So smile, wear sequins and drink champagne!!!! haha.

champagne...Oh, I have so many secrets, now how many tables have I danced on again ... yes!

And people who call themselves nice aren't truly nice, they just act like it for self satisfaction. Ugh it just annoys me when people act so oblivious when clearly they are bragging or asking to get attention. To me the nicest and prettiest people are those who don't self proclaim it and don't seek confirmation from other people. Those things show through on their own.

Life is better when you're laughing!

Amen! (we found this on GreatNonprofits Facebook page originally, just to give credit where it's due)

I'd rather have pain. (Because I'm a masochist, and because I just hate wine.)

I think that I'm going to have to get this for Regan Templeton the next time she has an occasion... $29.00