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    Ahhhh, classic 90s junk food that my mom refused to buy me. Luckily, I was a daddy's girl ;)

    3y Saved to 90s Favs


    • Krista Klecker

      Dunkaroos. forgotten about snack better than anything hostess and twinkies could come up with... 90s kids treats we miss these bring them back @Betty Crocker

    • Brianna Winn

      90s Food We Love: 90s Snacks, Snack Foods, Candy |

    • Taylor Cornett

      20 Things ‘90s Kids Actually Ate For Lunch - Page 3 of 3

    • Elon Morrison

      Discontinued ’90s Snacks That Need to Make a Comeback.

    • Hannah Harrison

      20 Things ‘90s Kids Actually Ate For Lunch

    • Shanaetta Julien

      How Many '90s Foods Have You Tried

    • Denise Pilat-Curatolo

      Dunkaroos my kids favorite

    • kimberly ryder

      As kids growing up in the '90s, we had it pretty good. Silly putty, Furbies, Game Boys and Bill Nye the Science Guy made every year a new combination of strange and wonderful trends, toys, and — most importantly — food. The '90s were an interesting time in the food industry. A trip to the supermarket in the was practically a psychedelic experience. From purple ketchup to candy as cereal to lollipops that turned into whistles, it was a kids dream come true (and possibly a parent's worst nightmare, at least if the general youth was like me and threw a tantrum if none of these snacks showed up in your lunchbox). But as strange as they were, some of the '90s foods were also seriously delicious. Every once in a while the craving hits and nothing sounds better than eating one of these wacky snacks. Two companies have actually listened to these cravings: Coca Cola brought back Surge, their 1996 citrus soda, exclusively on Amazon in response to public ...

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    kids of the 90s

    90's Foods - How 90's are you? I miss all of these, why dont they make theseee???!!?!

    90s Kid!

    how fun is this?

    Talking Rugrat Dolls | 31 Awesome ’90s Toys You Never Got, But Can Totally Buy Today

    Yipes! Stripes! Fruit Stripe gum! Who cared that the flavor only lasted for 5 seconds?

    Squeezit #90s

    90s toys

    Spriograph = hours of fun with pens

    THESE! #90s

    popular 90s Toys | late '80s to early 2k memories for all the '90s kids! Have fun! :)

    Dunkaroos! -- call me a kid but I don't care, these were one of my favorite snacks when I was little...always in my lunch box!

    20 snacks that will make you miss the '90s! Including Kid Cuisine and Dunkaroos...I totally ate the ones with the good desserts!

    90s tv shows | Our Favorite 90s TV Shows [PHOTOS] I miss the shows on Nick that I use to watch with my kids!

    Dunkaroos! Can't believe we actually considered most 90s kids snacks "food."

    90s Food :) ♥