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    Luke congratulates Rory for getting accepted to Yale and Harvard and Princeton

    "And my mouth was stunned and my mind said, "I told you so." Then my mouth got mad 'cause no mouth likes to have its nose rubbed in it. Now my mind and my mouth aren't talking. It'll take weeks to get them together again."

    Lorelai: This. Rory: What is that? Lorelai: A hammer. Rory: It has feathers on it, why? Lorelai: So the rhinestones and bows won't feel lonely.

    Emily: It's a complete disaster. Lorelai: My existence? Emily: Not everything is about you, Lorelai!

    Luke: Fine, but don't tip me. Tipping now is weird. Lorelai: Okay, besides I can tip you later. Luke: That was weird too. Lorelai: I'm a very awkward winker.

    Lorelai: "Do you want Tator Tots also?" Rory: "That's a rhetorical question, right?"

    Lorelai: I'll have the Luke's giving me a migraine meal. Luke: Bleu cheese or ranch?

    Gilmore Girls....i know, it's a girl show, but my wife loves it so I watch it. Now I'm hooked.

    Rory: A real date? Finally. What are you going to wear? Lorelai: Glass slippers, a backwards baseball cap and nothing else.

    ha. i think of this every time i sign my husband's signature on something

    While watching this show don't you sometime laugh so hard for so long that you can't breathe and think won't ever stop laughing? This was almost one of those moments but not quite. Michelle saying "yoo hoo, he-haw-man" at cinnamons funeral was one of those moments.