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SAUL LEITER Saul uses lighting and other objects to frame his subjects and this is no different - the rain and umbrella frames the woman and her dog. The black and white coloring makes it look eerie and the rain makes it look like a watercolor.

I #love #rain #nght #photo

It's raning men halleluja What a perfect picture where it´s raining cats and dogs


on the beach with red and white umbrella looking out over the crashing waves at an oncoming storm reflection

It will always be warmer indoors

dark window frame, the raindrops on the glass, the stark big tree and the small figure with an umbrella--all against the gray sky.

Beautiful rain at the lake

Soft rain fall rain storm water flowers animated gif Be grateful for the gentle rains.

rain rain go away...I have nests to build and eggs to lay

Wings of hope are really what you see. You can see the bird hoping that the weather will get better, that he'll be able to fly. Hope keeps us going.