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  • Sharon Thackston

    The real romance behind Beauty and the Beast!

  • Alyssa Hood

    I thought this very thing when I saw the movie as a little girl! All those books, it was heaven!

  • Kirstie Gilmore

    Life's goal.

  • Danelle Ice

    Marry the beast and get that library #humor #disney #princess

  • TheLadyKay

    Fiction Bucket List: Beauty & The Beast

  • Shirley Held

    Marry the Beast & Get That Library! That is my dream library! :D

  • Florence Bloem

    Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies (tied with Tangled, and maaaaybe The Little Mermaid). I loved, not just the amazing library that she gets and how she loves books, but also her kind heart, how she sees past his appearance and looks at his heart, how she forgives the beast, and how in the end, all he wants to do is protect her, and make her happy, despite how hard it might be for him to let her go.

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I'm still blown away that most girls were impressed by the first part. I was always impressed by the library...and the fact that Belle could sing, read, and walk through a crowd of people all at the same time.

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Beauty and the beast, a tale of two ostracized souls finding acceptance.

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I love how perfect their costumes are....they really do seem to have just popped right out of the movie

ohhhh yeeeaaahhh. I have wanted the library from Beauty and the Beast since I've seen the movie!

"The Curse" by Brian Rood... love the look on Belle's face, and how sad the Beast looks