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Atlantis lifts off, the 66th space shuttle flight. Payload includes the Atmospheric Laboratory for Application and Science (ATLAS-3) and the German constructed Cryogenic Infrared Spectrometers and Telescopes for the Atmosphere Shuttle Pallet Satellite (CRISTA-SPAS).

from My Modern Met

Incredible Photos of America's Space Shuttle Program

Space Shuttle


Space Shuttle breaching the clouds

Space Shuttle breaching the clouds. JUST. PLAIN. AWESOME! I have a launch photo on my wall from underneath, but THIS is getting printed out and going right next to it!!! BTW, someone named J. Stafford is blocking people for telling him that people snap photos like this all the time. Yep, this one's signed so didn't happen, but I work/study this field, and they DO happen!

Cool view of #space #shuttle!