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Parts of Speech Sentence Structure Game- Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs

Have fun learning the first steps to "EDIT!" silly sentences with 3 or 4 parts of speech. Adaptable for varied learners! Pictures support learning at Looks-Like-Language! $

Parts of Speech - Basic Set {Hands-On Interactive Notebook}

Looking for a fun and interactive way to teach Parts of Speech? You have just found it! HANDS-ON Parts of Speech! This set of activities will have your students understanding the basic parts of speech in no time. ($)

Growth Mindset: Notes from the Teacher

Do you teach your students about growth mindset? These notes from the teacher are the perfect complement to my other growth mindset products, including my affirmation posters, flip books, and growth mindset privacy office! Easy to use for teachers and super beneficial for students, these 24 notes will reinforce your students for incorporating growth mindset concepts into their lives!

Introduction to STEM Critical Thinking & Projects (Science & Math)

A great way to introduce STEM into your classroom! The packet includes 4 critical thinking challenges centered on STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). These activities expose students to the real world of science and engineering with challenges like "Think Like an Engineer" or "Science in the News." Activities challenge students to explore and broaden their understanding of the world around us.

Parts of Speech Interactive Notebook

Use grammar interactive notebook foldable pieces to teach and review parts of speech with your middle school ELA students. ($)

Grammar Groomer (Identify Parts of Speech in Declarative Sentences) Power Point

These twelve lessons help students learn basic parts of speech, such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Students practice parts of speech by copying a sentence while fixing it's grammar. Next, students underline or circle parts of speech as asked. Finally, students write sentences of their own with the given criteria of the lesson.

Ik herhaal vaak mijn les. Zo vermijd ik tijdsgebrek. Het is belangrijk dat je regelmatig de leerstof herneemt. Zo moet je minder studeren als de examens voor de deur staan.