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Acanthite coated with Chalcopyrite - Valenciana Mine, Mexico. The orange, grey & purple oddly compliment eachother here within the rounded geometric shapes.

Crystal and Gemstone Healing Wands - EMW HOUSE MAGICK - Earth Monster World

I am pinning this because of the last pinner's comment > "Luna Blue's Midnight Blue Labradorite & Quartz Crystal Wand. Whatever that means. Looks like it'll make me a wizard and I'm down for that"


Tourmaline on Quartz from California. Love the positioning and the contrast of the pink and white.

Geologic History

What is the geologic time scale timeline drawing by Ray Troll. Great site for helping students understand the time scale!

Cactus quartz, South Africa. Celebrate your wedding with jewels from Renaissance Fine Jewelry in Vermont or www.vermontjewel.com

The geology nerd in me just went nuts! how did i never hear of this? i need this for my mineral collection!🌺 "Cactus quartz (Spirit Quartz) is a new mineral that was discovered in South Africa in February

☆ Lucjan Myrta owns a staggering number of 20,400 polished amber nuggets of various sizes, each of which contains at least one explicit inclusion of plant or animal. Therefore, the recognizable plant fragments (fitoinkluzje) are rare, can be safely concluded that in this set are the dominant part of animal inclusions. There are usually one more than one lump and formed the so-called. syninkluzje.。☆

Fossil spider inside amber, I normally hate spiders, but I'm loving this picture