• Chrissie Possell

    .It's unbelievable how often people, including "medical/psychological professionals" say these things. I wish that everyone who said or thought these things could experience it for a day and get a clue about what our daily life is like.

  • Andrea Dalziel

    Chronic pain #chronicpain #pain

  • julia hoffman

    I have chronic pains ever single day due to benign liver tumors (and also endometriosis, diabetes type 1 and medication sometimes) that cannot be treated... They are a reminder to me that every day can be my last since I probably will die if they (the tumors) ever bleed again (I already died once for a couple of minutes the previous time they bled). People sometimes say these things to me and they hurt so bad. This shows that words can hurt, if I could I wouldn't live this way!

  • Teresa H

    Fibromyalgia - A chronic disease and the STUPID things people say about it

  • Marianne Maurer

    Chronic Pain... Warning!!! Things NOT to say to someone with a disabling chronic illness.

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