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This rarely observed and strange looking creature is a Frilled Shark. Normally the shark is found thousands of feet below the water's surface.The bizarre creature hasn't changed much in its evolutionary history, which is why it is known as a "living fossil."

A goblin shark. Very few people in the world have ever known of an extremely rare species called the goblin shark. But some Japanese discovered the "living fossil" alive and even put it on display in an aquarium, media reports said Thursday. Unfortunately, the shark died on the morning of Jan. 27.

Blanket Octopus - who knew? When threatened, these cephalopods can unfurl a large flap to make themselves appear larger than they actually are. The females can grow up to 6 feet in length while the males are only a few centimeters long.

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Words CANNOT explain how badly I wish I could swim and work with these beautiful creatures! I would love to swim with them before I die. I'd be terrified