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  • Denise Murray

    sea anemone. Long before the popular Pixar movie ‘Finding Nemo‘, about the adorable Clown fish that resided in a Sea Anemone became popular, Scuba divers have favored the ornately colored sea creatures never passing up a photo opportunity if they spot one.Anemones (pronounced: uh-NEM-uh-nee) often mistaken for plants are actually predatory animals closely related to Coral and jellyfish. Anemones are polyps that attach themselves to rocks on the sea bottom or on coral reefs.

  • Wendi C

    pink sea anemones, ocean life

  • Sofia Andrade

    Bright Pink Sea Anemones at the Oklahoma Aquarium, photography by Brett Morrison (BrettMorrison) on Flickr. #brett_morrison #sea_anemones #oklahoma #aquarium #pink #light #underwater #photography #purple

  • Joyce Blandford

    The bright colours of this Sea anemone are highlighted by the flash.

  • Ranae Fitzgerald

    Pink Sea Life

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