... and half as much money


Wow. This is right on target!

So true

Love, love, love this. Lord, please remind me of this every single day. This makes me cry. #QUOTES #inspiration #wisemarketplace #enjoy your day

"A hug is a perfect gift. One size fits all and nobody minds if you exchange it." #quote

For Wally's sip and see, I received this saying on a card from my deceased Aunt Flo (delivered by her daughter). I get teary just thinking about it.

Too true!

I love this quote because before Dylan was here, I worried about not being able to put kids 100% before myself. Now it's more like rarely putting myself first! :)

so true!

True!!! People try and make Doug and I feel bad for not buying Rollins any toys (he has 10 and will never have more than that at any time) but what he does have is parents that actively engage him every single day. We don't just give him toys and let him be. We give him the most precious thing we as humans have to offer. We give him our time <3

so true

"Be careful how you speak to your children, one day it will become their inner voice." - Peggy O'Mara. From Moments of Exhilaration. *I know there is a typo & that "children" is misspelled in the photo pinned. I like the message & think it is an important one to remember. Also links to a great post about remembering to be more mindful of how we speak about ourselves & others in front of our kids too.

"Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work." John Trainer So True !!!!!!!

Need to remember this! Not making my kids do things I hated doing as a kid / teen is not helping them! Making your kids DO things will not psychologically/physically damage them. On the contrary, it will make them stronger and capable of achieving things in life.

Perfect reminder. People inspire you, or they drain you - pick them wisely.


so true!

Oh God this is so awfully true.