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    Next Generation MP3

    MP3 player charged by body heat

    New Coolest gadgets – Generator that is Activated By Water – New technology gadgets – Electronic gadgets | Sclick

    BioLite CampStove generates electricity to charge phones, lights and other electronics while cooking.

    This portable charger has it's own generator making it a great charging solution for the adventurers in your life.

    A triple layer phone, The Sandwich includes individual displays for Phone, MP3 player and Camera. Styled more like a pocket notebook with only 3 pages, this concept can be developed to represent a sleek handy gadget for students and businessmen alike!

    Circuits in Contact Lenses A new generation of contact lenses built with very small circuits and LEDs promises bionic eyesight

    The Bio-Light consists of hand-blown glass cells containing a type of bacteria that generate light through a chemical process called luminescence, which, as opposed incandescence, does not generate heat. Each cell is connected to a food source--in this case, composting sludge--via a silicon tube, thereby creating a closed-loop system.

    Four African Girls Create a Urine Powered Generator

    nPower® PEG (Personal Energy Generator) : Recharge your hand-held electronic devices with the kinetic energy you generate while moving around! via crispgreen #npowerpeg #Battery_Charger

    Researchers at the University of Southern California’s ICT Graphics Lab have created a new type of holographic display that can generate simultaneous 3D views for multiple observers without the need for special glasses. The setup also happens to be relatively inexpensive since it’s built around a specially modified off-the-shelf DLP projector that works with a spinning mirror.

    Fabrics treated with this new electrically-conductive ink may power a new generation of futuristic clothing that charges iPods, cell phones and other electronics. (Credit: American Chemical Society)

    Cassette to iPod Converter - Convert your cassette tapes into mp3 files and store them on your iPod with one device.

    Table top fireplaces small, stylish, romantic and they generate HEAT.

    JACKSON McCONNELL Ripple - A Speaker for the Hearing Impaired - This project explores how sound can be interpreted through touch and sight, rather than through audition. The object emits multi-toned vibrations, while the fluctuating needles manifest sound waves.

    Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 35 Pics

    The Orb… a ring, bluetooth phone headset and just plain cool!

    Creative USB flash drives

    Hi-Tech Communicating Kitchens. Vestel Assist Streamlines All Activities that Revolve Around Food #gadgets

    10 Trackers And Apps That Can Make Your Life So Much Better via Miss Metaverse