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    White-breasted Nuthatch

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    • tom warner

      White-breasted Nuthatch - Nuthatches crawl headfirst down branches scouring for insects. In the winter they eat hickory nuts and acorns they stored in their hole in a tree. They smear insects around the opening to keep squirrels out. (paraphase from wikipedia)

    • David Schroder

      The white-breasted nuthatch rivals the chickadee for cuteness. I love how they always walk down the tree, never up!

    • Alaina King

      White-breasted Nuthatch. They scurry down trees head first and fly up and down like woodpeckers. Love to watch these guys

    • Maggie Rollins

      Like other nuthatches, the White-breasted Nuthatch forages for insects on trunks and branches, and is able to move head-first down trees. Seeds form a substantial part of its winter dietl. The nest is in a hole in a tree, and the breeding pair may smear insects around the entrance as a deterrent to squirrels. Adults and young may be killed by hawks, owls and snakes, and forest clearance may lead to local habitat loss.

    • Linda Rommelaere

      Birds in the Ontario winter garden - White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis) climb down trees head first. You can spot this little bird by its black cap and beady black eyes on a white face. Its undertail coverts are chestnut coloured. This bird dines on insects in the summer and in the winter it is in search of ants, scale, beetles, caterpillars and insect eggs. Fill a feeder with suet, sunflower seeds and peanuts to attract this funny little bird.

    • Diane Garrett

      <3 The White-breasted Nuthatch - The upside down bird. Keeps a nest in my big old Oak Tree.

    • Christine Lux

      The white-breasted nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis): sm songbird. Breeds in old-growth woodland. Stocky, large head, short tail, powerful bill, strong feet. Upperparts- pale blue-gray. Face & underparts- white. Black cap & chestnut lower belly. 9 subspecies differ mainly in plumage color. Forages for insects on trunks & branches, can move head-first down trees. Eats seeds in winter & acorns & hickory nuts it stored in fall. Treehole nest, may smear insects around entrance to deter squirrels.

    • Helen Correll

      White-breated Nuthatch. They scurry down trees head first. One of my favorite birds!

    • Cassie Sherman-Marks

      White breasted Nuthatch spotted in May 2014 on the chimney of the house next door from our deck 111 afternoon immediately after we started up the serving oranges and suet to our a local bird life. Also saw our first downy woodpecker today which martin will be posting about later because he does not think that I write good descriptions and is generally a butthead. Sitta carolinensis. Apparently I posted the Latin name in the wrong spot. Martin forgetful I started this whole enterprise which she initially was not the least bit enthusiastic about and is generally being a pest. Says he I can't help it if you're not following the format that I have set out and you're not including interesting fact about them ! And so on and so forth.

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