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Lambchop by alexandracooks, viahttp://www.alexandracooks.com/2013/03/19/pan-seared-lamb-chops-with-toasted-bread-crumb-salsa/

Pork Loin Chops with Brown Butter and Sage Leaves

Seared Ahi Tuna with Chimichurri Sauce, Arugula and Avocado |

Grilled Lamb Pitas with Mint and Pistachio Pesto @ Vodka Biscuits. Recipe with detailed photo instruction.

Cheesy Corn Cakes - These were a hit! Made for Thanksgiving, without the avocado dip. Used very little oil in the pan because they did get greasy very easily. Also made them smaller than recommended for faster and easier cooking. Recipe made 30-35 patties. They cooled off and were a great poppable side dish for everyone.

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Margarita Chicken Tostadas with Sweet Jalapeno Margarita Salsa

Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Skillet! One pan to clean and oh so yummy!

lamb burgers

Lamb Chops with Salsa Verde http://www.chefd.com/collections/all/products/lamb-chops-with-salsa-verde

Sesame Seared Tuna with Lime Ginger Vinaigrette


Lamb with beer and roasted garlic

Pesto Baked Pork Chops

braised lamb shanks in port and red wine

Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa and Avocado Cream Sauce  –  Annie’s Eats. Debbie added pineapple and jalapeno to salsa recipe. To the creme i used low fat sour cream instead of yogurt. and I added cabbage on top of tacos

Coconut Oil Seared Lamb Chops with Rosemary and Garlic