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  • Dohop Flight Search

    Aurora Borealis as a result of the solar flare. Norway January 23rd. #Norway #NorthernLights

  • Ashley Schoen

    Bucket list: witness an aurora ~ The Earth’s magnetic field directs the torrent of charged particles from solar storms toward the poles which create color when they interact with the atmosphere.

  • Meg Bloomfield

    Northern Lights as seen from Norway. The large solar storm that hit the Earth yesterday was expected to interfere with cell phone calls and GPS transmissions. But the storm was also a boon for photographers--who captured the Northern Lights in full effect. The aurora borealis is a natural light display typically only visible from parts of Norway but this week's massive solar storm moved the lights south, allowing photographers across northeast England and Ireland to capture powerful images. Ken Kennedy, director of the Aurora section of the British Astronomical Association, told the Daily Mail that the lights may be visible for a few more days.

  • Vladimir Stojkovich

    (Took shape of the Eagle, I think).... A spectacular 'coronal mass ejection' following a solar flare has caused magnetic storms to create spectacular northern lights (Jan 2012)

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Bow of Orion, Northern Lights - Repins or Likes would be awesome. Don't forget to listen to my music on youtube :) Thank you

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis in Ersfjord, Norway. During the Northern Hemisphere's autumn and spring, solar magnetic fields are oriented in just the right way to cause "rips" in Earth's magnetic field. The resulting increase in solar wind on Earth encourages auroral sky shows but can also damage satellite technology and electrical grids on the ground. (National Geographic)

Aurora Borialis Norway

Curtains of light, miles high and miles long, marking the borders between invisible countries in the sky.

Magnetic -- Aurora borealis -- hard to tell if it's the endless night (during the day) or the endless day (in the night)

Aurora Borealis - 3 years in Edmonton and still never saw it. Have to go further north.... One day.