This was me tonight.

Sleep is for people who don't have a good book to read.

Dear people, I'm sorry I'm not like you. I love reading. I love books. I actually enjoy staying home on a Friday. I'm different. Learn to accept it. #introvert #bookworm #hsp


Exactly! This can't get more accurate.

Happiness is...

At least it can be at times for me...




I'm going to put it down and do homework. Oh look, the next chapter!

So true!


Yep can't help it:)

"I tried everything to get to sleep last night. Well, except that thing where you close your book and put it on the nightstand, but let's not get too crazy."


Sadly, this is probably true for most values of 'book' and most values of 'people' :)

Every time!

The exact reason I always have a book. Because the moment I decide to leave one at home, I always regret it.

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The book won't read itself!