• Tori Falardeau Gonyer

    "One more chapter..." I whispered, two hours ago. I have said this very thing to myself on more occasion throughout my life to count. A good book is absolutely addicting.

  • Anna Moser

    "One more chapter..." I whispered, two hours ago. Totally me!

  • Mari Fernandez

    Oh boy! So true! Even when I set the timer... I can't pull myself away from a good book!

  • Jane mahler

    Book #quote www.digiwriting.com

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hilarious @Lizz Dietrich

My mom always tells me to "Dare to be different!" She'd love this, too. :)

Betty White is so wise.

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I saw these and immediately thought of my pal @burgerjunkies! Not sure how long the look would last, but they're pretty darned awesome.


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I do that whether I'm winning or losing...

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