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When the time comes that Henry will want to bring toy cars along on a trip, something like this would be perfect...

A "bookcase" for the car - genius! Could use it for toys and snacks too!

Book holder for the car :) The pockets were cut to 8x9in. with a felt backing. I made all 4 pockets, then topstitched them onto a 11x30in solid panel of felt (front and back) that was sewn top and sides. I overlapped the pockets about 3 inches. Inserted a piece of cardboard into the solid panel and then finished the last side. Add straps, and done! Smart idea.

Car Caddy Tutorial... using a cup holder (the kind that hangs from the car window ), a can and fabric!

Car Caddy Roll up Tote with Road by justamama on Etsy, $20.00

We already filled up one Matchbox car case and really, the options are awful. Flames and skulls and awful stuff. This is so much cuter!

I can't imagine I will ever have the time to make this car playmat/house, but OH. MY. GOD. It's the best thing EVER.

If I ever have another baby boy, he WILL have this :-)

car wallets! @Janet Pidgeon For Bubba? Actually, I think all of the littles would like this.

Quiet Book. Love the fold out page so the "road" can be bigger. This link also has a page where you make part of a face with a necklace chain. Flower quiet book page has great flowers. (Blog also has cute dresses I need to attempt for V.)

Child's Toy Car Holder. The original car wallet. | MyHappyHobbies | Etsy #play

Jean Jacket, Baby Blue Collard Shirt, Jean Pants, Navy Blue Beanie, & Combat Boots//