Lt. Michael are gone, but as for me and my will never be forgotten.

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Some of these is true with me

God Bless America!

Make it rain! made me laugh hahah

Navy Seals ordered to remove 'Don't Tread On Me' Navy Jack from uniforms.~ʈɦҽ ʈɽųҽ vαℓiαɲʈ~ zϮ ~

And you think your having a bad day, this makes me cry

He's not alone in his thinking. Obama shamefully & illegally traded 5 of the worst terrorists in Gitmo for a worthless deserter and then had the nerve to parade him around on the White House lawn, but not a word from the Loser-in-Chief about the 5 soldiers who were killed looking for Bergdahl. He has no respect for our military, our Constitution or its citizens. Worst President EVER!

True Hero

True honor

Marine prayer

Think freedom is free, think again

Never forget. These MEN and Women/ They never came home WALKING :(:(