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    Black and white with yellow. Note the kitchen aid.

    vintage 1950's Happy Housewife doing the Happy Housewife dance!

    Here is the original inspiration for my logo! Found it in a 1950s woman's magazine, but then lost that magazine when we moved. So glad to have found it again!

    dancing housewife -- do house fraus really look so gleeful & put together while doing chores / preparing meals?

    Wolf places such precise control in your hands, you’ll cook with confidence that the dish you have in mind will be the dish you bring to the table. It's just like Magic ;-)

    "Doing the weekly grocery shopping mid-1950s style. Oh yes, every women dressed up when she left the house, for whatever reason. To be seen in PUBLIC in anything else was an embarrassment and it was frowned upon." Screw that! I'm happy to live in an era where personal comfort trumps a public performance!

    Three stylish 1950s women stop to chat in the frozen meat section of the grocery store.

    I love theses 50s housewife pictures, but they always look way way way to happy while cleaning lol

    I remember these stools! Most kitchens had one. That's where you sat when talking on the kitchen phone attached to wall. it was used as make shift highchair (just tie apron around baby & chair) or booster seat. if using as step stool, better not stand on seat w/your shoes on!

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    ...remember "defrosting"? And if you were in a hurry you had to use a butter knife or other tool to chip away at the mini-iceburg surrounding the freezer compartment which was big enough to hold a few ice cube trays is you were lucky. We're talkin' pre-TV dinner era!

    Retro Housewife vintage graphics - free collage sheet download by Mary Watkin @ Flickr

    Similar cab doors to ours (from Retro Ren. -- 1952-rubbermaid-mats)

    Heels & dress to go to the store. I was dressed like this little girl...dress & little white socks...but I wore tennis or saddle shoes. 1950's.

    My Favorite Homemaking Resources

    It was always mama doing the vacuuming and every family inevitably had a cheerful, spunky little dog.

    1950s Housewife with daughter: what a lovely sight . . . A mother teaching her daughter in the home how to become a lovely lady by teaching cooking skills . . . . It's so sad how many young ladies do not know how to cook any more. Learn to cook ladies!!


    .The Cruel irony of housework....

    The start of the Spring garden season! ~ ca. early '60s

    Free Printable Collage Sheets | ... Domino 1x2 Printable Collage Sheet by Leslie - a whoopdwhoop creation

    ecstatic housewife

    saucepot lady sing your song, do da do da

    cooking a turkey in the past was more time consuming maybe