Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by Samuel1158

weaving on paper plate

3/4 grade Picasso. Must do! Back to school night self-portraits but a twist from last year

Collaborative paper folding each student does a box

Hannah8813's art on Artsonia Looks like chalk drawing and curled paper! Fun and doable!

what to weave, stitches

Recycled paper weaving grade 1

van Gogh-Elementary Art-Tissue Paper. Incorporates history, imitation, paint/pastels and paper/tissue

Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue!: 3D Weaving

Kindergarten Zebra Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by ben2222

1st grade work- this is a great idea- want to try with upper grade and use colored construction paper, have students cut out tree silhouette out of white paper to go on top.

Grade 5 3D radial relief

paper dragon

Abby3474's art on Artsonia

Just weaving old paper/fabric and adding embellishment with paint. beautiful

Weaving a Watercolor: Painting Lessons for Kids: KinderArt ®

paper weaving with a twist

weaving... no source...

craft loop finger weaving omg I learned this in girl scouts and did it for hours and hours, so much fun!