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  • Erika Gardner

    Ah, #DavidTennant, starting my morning right! #DoctorWho

  • Molly Campbell

    Fan girl shriek

  • Nicole West

    If this were a print, on my door or mirror, I would never have a bad day. (Doctor Who, David Tennant, 10th Doctor). <3

  • Jada Rose K.

    Hello Sweetie! Welcome to the group board! This is a place of inspiration, selfies, and fandom-related things. Feel free to post things that you feel the need to share, ask for advice, and even fish for compliments, but please keep it clean and friendly. Remember, we're all in this together, and we can't survive without each other. (And you really do look lovely)

  • Jillian O'Keefe

    I want to print this out and hang it by my mirror, so that way every day I can have the Doctor tell me I'm beautiful ;) I'm a little bit [a lot] in love with David Tennant.

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Omg Spock and the Doctor.... Wait... Doctor Spock.... DOCTOR Spock.... O.o Mind officially blown......

Yes, yes, friends, it is I.

I'm glad you find me staring at your beautiful face acceptable, not creepily obsessive lol

Pictures Of Dr. Who : theBERRY

ThinkGeek :: Doctor Who Bathrobes. Because even a Time Lord needs a break!! This robe is so deliciously comfortable, it feels like getting hugged by the TARDIS! Not that getting hugged by a large wooden box that's actually a chameleon-circuited projection of an extra-dimensional starship is exactly comfortable….

it's ridiculous how attractive he is 😍😍😍. (David Tennant)

Dr. Who > Sparkles the Vampire. Always. Also, The Doctor's hair (especially 10) pretty much impregnates all women who look in his general direction, lol

"I wanted to see the Universe, so I stole a Time Lord and ran away." What I wouldn't give to steal myself a Time Lord and run away... :)

.: Nine-Ten-Eleven :. by *Mayuuko on deviantART