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  • Kim Frost

    No Bake Thin Mint Truffles - only 4 ingredients,. Makes 24. 1 9oz box Girl Scout Thin Mints {Or Keebler's Grasshopper Cookies!}, 4 oz fat free cream cheese, slightly softened, 8 oz Guittard's green mint chips (8 oz white chocolate chips or white chocolate bark). In a food processor, pulse the Thin Mints a few times, and them blend them down until they are just crumbs. It might be easier to do this in two batches. Next, mix in the cream cheese and crumbs together in a bowl until well incorporated. Roll the mixture into 1 inch size balls, and place them on a wax paper covered baking sheet. Place the baking sheet in the fridge for about 30 minutes, so the balls are easier to dip in the chocolate and do not fall apart.Once the truffles have been in the fridge for a while, melt the green mint chips in a double broiler or a microwave safe bowl. Roll half of the truffles in the green mint chocolate, and place them back on the wax paper. Melt the white chocolate and roll the remaining truffles. Once they have dried a little, place the remaining white chocolate in a small zip lock bag and cut a tiny bit of one corner off the bag. Start small at first, then if you need, make the hole a little larger. Drizzle the white chocolate over the green truffles. Do the same with the mint chocolate over the white truffles.  Place the baking sheet back in the fridge so that the chocolate can set. You could just use one one type of chocolate for the out side, but I like the contrast in color. Also, the reason I used the mint chips and the white chocolate instead of regular chocolate, is because the Thin Mints are already covered in chocolate.

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    Thin Mint Truffles w/ Video | #thinmint #truffles #recipe #mint #chocolate #green #video #diy

  • Kristine Speer

    Thin Mint Truffles - delicious, just as easy as the Oreo truffle recipes throughout Pinterest and the web, and they brought in a great bid at the dessert auction. You don't need to wait for Girl Scout Cookie season to make these as Keebler's Grasshopper Cookies are basically the same thing. A delicious surprise when someone bites in to them thinking they're a simple Oreo truffle but they are in fact Thin Mint truffles!

  • Lauren Johnson

    Thin Mint Truffles. For my sweet -toothed girl!

  • Melany VonRueden

    No Bake Thin Mint Truffles - only 4 ingredients! Perfect for #Dessert #healthy Dessert #health Dessert|

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