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Something to remember... "When my sister was married last year, I took the roses from her bouquet and rooted them by cutting off the heads, making a clean cut on the bottoms, dipping the fresh-cut bottoms in rooting hormone, and putting them in a pot that was half Perlite and half soil. This year, on her first anniversary, my sister received a gift that could never be replace: 12 rose bushes from her wedding bouquet."

Never waste cut roses, ladies. Did You know that You can grow roses from cuttings? Simply cut healthy stems, place them in large potatoes and then bury them 3-4 inches deep in a healthy soil mixture of peat moss top soil. The potatoes keep the stems moist help develop the root systems. Its a perfectly simple way to multiply Your rose garden without spending lots of $$$.

Coupez la base d’un pied de céleri à environ 2,5 cm (1 po), puis placez-la dans un bol de façon à ce que le côté coupé soit sur le dessus. Versez un peu d’eau dans le fond du bol et placez-le dans un endroit ensoleillé. Après quelques jours, des racines et des feuilles commenceront à se former. À cette étape, vous pouvez mettre le plant en terre dans votre jardin ou le planter dans un plus grand pot

Anniversary photo tradition idea. Start by holding your wedding photo on your first anniversary and each year, hold the picture from the year before!

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Hardy Plants ~ The DIY Gardener's Guide

A guide to hardy plants for multiple zones with tips and ideas for a successful perennial garden.

Poison Ivy Killer: Prevent problems with poison ivy growing in your yard by adding 3 pounds of salt to a gallon of soapy water, and spraying the mixture on the leaves and stems of the poison ivy plants.

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Transform Your Landscape with Vertical Gardening

Succulents in tubes. I will be using these in the greenhouse this winter to propagate new succulents for next spring

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How to Harvest Mint

How to Harvest and Use Mint - explains how to dry mint leaves. when plant reaches 8 inches tall cut 6 inches.