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❤❤ Mother and baby horse.so sweet and precious.

beautiful trop beau ce cheval Warter de http://www.home-template.com/templates-wordpress/

The Fairy Tale Horse. A beautiful Gypsy Vanner♥

I'm not a horse person but this is the most beautiful one I've ever seen!

beautiful black and white horse- Gorgeous Horse!


I had a hourse that looked like this in black and white. Little big man was his name>>> This horse is beautiful!

Beautiful Gypsy Vanner

The Shire horse is a breed of draught horse or draft horse. The breed comes in many colours, including black, bay and grey. They are a tall breed, with mares standing 16 hands and over and stallions standing 17 hands and over

Too cute! Just look at those eyes!!

American Paint Horse western quarter paint horse paint pinto horse Gypsy Vanner Indian pony solid for sale

The immense tie of friendship. . .

this is what I want to see looking out my screen door. My future cowgirl wife sitting with one of our many [future] horses. Or that could be my future daughter. Can you tell I have a thing for cowgirls?


Rocky Mountain horse-such a pretty red chocolate I am so beau ti fulllllllllllll

Arabian Foal - Is he a Grey? Is that weird dark spot on the side of his face a Bloody Shoulder Mark?

Beautiful color on this young Horse - baby horses are the cutest!

Sometimes i wonder what i will ever do with my life. I sure hope that my kids will grow up with more than one horse.

Beautiful bay foal with white star and snip.