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"Sure son, we’re going trick or treating, you'll get lot's of candy, I’ll meet single mom's, maybe even find you a bro or a sis. We'll go home later and (if's there is a later, hahaha(whispers the Great Pumpkin) the father looks around, thought he heard something) Let's go son, we'll take a shortcut to get back home", "but pa, I thought we were going to get more candy?" "Oh we will, we'll stop at some homes on the way there" "okay pa"..."In this mornings news, the disappearance of...."

Pumpkin. lol i don't know why I like this evil pumpkin so much

Light; Aglow: means to glow. The candle inside of the jack-o-lantern is making the face glow.

This picture reminds me of Langston Hughes poem, 125th street. He talks about a very nice person in his poem that has a face like a jack-o-lantern because its almost like they have a candle inside of their face. This simile exposes how they person is always glowing and happy, just like a jack-o-lantern.

.............*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´.......... .........♥«´¨`•°~ℒℴ℣ℇ~°•´¨`»♥.......... ............¸.•*(¸.•*´♥`*•.¸)`*•............ JaCK-O-LaNTeRN by v.PoP, via Flickr

ugh these old pics CREEP ME OUT!!! and WTF is up with that damn candy bucket. OMFG too creepy :-/

Witch Flying over Skyline 1930s Vintage Halloween Cardboard diecut

Mini Flying Witch Vintage Halloween Postcard

Here's a game using a Jack o Lantern: Squirt the Pumpkin’s Candle Out: Set up 2 pumpkins (carved, real or plastic) on a table with a plastic backdrop, we used black garbage bags. Place a tea-light candle into each pumpkin and light it using a long lighter, adult use only. Now have 2 kids race to squirt the candle out with their squirt bottles. A tip for this game is to have 10 or so candles to rotate through, as they get wet and are harder to light.