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Standard Yarn Weight System STANDARDS & GUIDELINES FOR CROCHET AND KNITTING Categories of yarn, gauge ranges, and recommended needle and hook sizes Standard Yarn Weight System Chart ༺✿Teresa Restegui http://www.pinterest.com/teretegui/✿༻

Crochet hook conversion chart

Cheat Sheets for knitting!

Knitting needle conversion chart

shoes measurement chart for printable adult (men and woman) shoes sizing chart for printable

How to figure out the weight of your yarn - handy chart included.

Yarn Care Chart

Standard Sizing

Yarn weight thickness chart - very helpful

Knitting Abbreviations Chart and what stitches they are.

circular needle stitches

Yarn Label Info

knitting needle size chart (metric, us and uk)

Seasonal Band Sampler - especially like the reindeer. Lots of fun charts on this blog.

See the difference? Keeping your Edges Neat (easier for picking up stitches, too.) Yarn.com blog

Standard Yarn Weight System: Helpful Chart For Crocheting

Pretty leaf pattern – great for a scarf

When adding a new color, never knot! Instead, join new yarns neatly and invisibly at the beginning of a row. Knots have a way of coming untied and working themselves to the front of your work when you least expect it. We recommend this method: Place the needle into the stitch, dropping the old yarn and picking up the new yarn, leaving a 4-inch tail to be woven in.