Russian Crochet Patterns With Charts | spiderweb doily - freeform, charted, russian, lace, irish crochet

Russian Crochet

Outstanding Crochet: Crochet designer - in Russian, but charts are good

russian irish crochet from outstanding crochet - stunning dress.

#Crochet #Tutorial - Beautiful Irish Crochet leaf. Many more pictures (and text in Russian) at the site.

irish freeform crochet

crochet lace, irish crochet, freeform, charted

Duplet 70 Russian crochet patterns magazine

'swan' dress - Irish crochet techniques, by Russian crochet designer Olgemini, via Flickr

How about some freeform crochet?

Freeform Crochet Pattern

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Freeform crochet motifs: Irish Crochet. Where to learn. (irish Crochet Lab).


links to many different russian patterns for crocheted irish lace. Via google translate. For thread crocheters looking for a challenge!

Sampler. Appears to be a Russian Crochet Blog, LOTS of Diagram patterns!

Crochet Rose - Chart

Vast amount of mesh designs & other stitches, Russian blog

Link to online Russian crochet publication with many diagramed motifs


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