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Atheists: have no answers at all, unless they make them up. Actually that sounds quite appealing, where do I sign up?

Anthony Jeselnik on why he's an athiest.

  • Rogue

    It's been a constant since I've been on Pinterest. Yet do it once to them, and they'll wail, 'persecution!!' ;) Then again, wouldn't we be doing them a favor? They love the idea of persecution, yes?

  • Trixie

    Their manufactured 'persecution' gets them off almost as much as their unnatural sky daddy complex does.

  • Janet

    They do get off on persecution. Martybation at its finest.

  • Rogue

    "Martybation" LOL Janet

  • Trixie

    Hahahaha, such a perfect word!

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I'll take a medium if you're buying ;) White Atheism A non prophet organization funny by geekthings, $14.99

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Noah's Ark, Flood, Death, Murder. ...So, after every rain, the rainbow is god saying "I won't kill everyone with another flood?" Yep. How is that comforting? It's like there's a guy who comes by a couple times a month, strokes a loaded gun for six hours, says "not gonna kill everyone again!" then leaves. Well, would you rather he shoot you? I'd rather he didn't come by at all. ATHEIST!

Like my beloved, infidel "rabbis", Spinoza, Jefferson and Einstein I am a deeply religious nonbeliever. Thank Zeus, Yahweh, Jesus, Allah and Ganesh!

  • Clavel 64

    Every time you breathe you pronounce His name -- Yah (inhale) weh (exhale).

except for the mom one, she raised me this way, but it counts for other family

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Death, Murder. Kill anyone who doesn't believe in this book or its message!! ...said no atheist ever.

Stop trying to make up stories about atheists in order to deal with the discomfort you feel hearing truth that is contrary to your deeply ingrained mythology.

Note: Some of the things I post on this board do NOT apply to me and/or necessarily reflect my own views.

Atheist cat is going to get sick from eating all of the poison in a church.