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      Water Marbling Nails What you need: - tape -a couple of different nail polishes -a shallow bowl of luke warm water -a tooth pick -and a base and clear top coat First, take the time to take around your nail only showing the nail itself (this makes the clean up easier) and then all you do is carefully drop nail polish in the water and wait until it spread out , quickly drop your next color and repeat until the nail polish forms a bulls eye pattern like in my picture then get your tooth pick starting on the outside drag the pattern in to make a swirl pattern then dip your nail in the polish (nail down to the water) and hold there while nail is in polish take your tooth pick and scrape excess polish up with that.. then remove from the water and let polish dry fully before you start taking the tape off. I usually have to get a cotton swab and dip it in nail polish remover to clean the edges. Finish with a clear coat and there you go!! Warning: Water marbling is trial error my 1st time it took me like 6 tries and some polishes will not spread out correctly. Any of the rapid dry ones do not work very well or ones that have large glitter particles in them

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    And in an instant I feel you. I feel even if it's for just a moment that I am seen that I am understood. And it means everything to me. thank you!

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