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    How to grow delicious tomatoes anywhere! Article and slide show.

    How to grow delicious tomatoes

    Growing cherry tomatoes on the balcony

    7 Simple Tips for Growing Tomatoes

    Vertical gardening - it maximizes your harvest, makes the most of limited space, doesn't require lots of bending, and keeps your veggies away from pests and rot. This easy-to-assemble kit lets you grow vertically vining plants either against a wall, or as a free-standing unit using your own posts. Takes up just four square feet of growing space but produces more vegetation than a 24 square foot plot! Perfect for tomatoes, pole beans, cucumbers, or any vining plants.

    22 Tips for Growing Perfect Tomatoes! ~ "“I grew tomatoes last year and mixed epsom salt and egg shells. I put the mixture both in the hole before planting and once a month I replenished around the base of the plant. I had so many tomatoes I had to give half away.”

    indoor grow thingy! could be fun in the kitchen for herbs or cherry tomatoes.

    Grow it!

    Tomato-Potato plant… since both are in the same plant family, it's possible to graft one on the other. ...the only problem is finding the right combination, because (more often than not) the potatoes stop before the tomatos are ripe. So you need long-season potatoes and fast tomatos.

    How To Grow Tomatoes In An 18 Gallon Storage Container: Using an 18 gallon or similar storage container to grow you plants may not be as attractive as using a clay or fancy pot but it is by no means ugly. What you sacrifice in the way of the round more attractive containers, you gain back 10 fold in the productivity and health of your tomato and vegetable plants. (Pilarch2 The Rusted Vegetabel Garden)

    Growing your own food.

    Grow a garden

    Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden

    DIY upside-down tomato planter, with milk jug, chopstick & water bottle!

    Sugar apple or sweet sop. Delicious tropical fruit. Slide show.

    How Cool Is This Patio Table Made From a Milk Can? Another project for Doug's TO DO LIST. It just keeps growing. This will be easy. We've got the milk can, already painted. We just need to find something for a table top and paint and attach to it. That will be just as cute as it can be. We'll see if we can get right on that.

    Growing food in the shade

    Zapotec ruffled tomato, rare Mexican heirloom 25 seeds, loves dry heat, sweet flavor, scalloped slices, drought tolerant. Ask a Question €2....

    Tomato plants or probably any plant

    Great way to grow strawberries!