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    titanic`s rudder and propellers, 1912

    The propellers of the Olympic—the nearly identical sister ship of the Titanic—dwarf workers at the Belfast shipyard where both ocean liners were built. Few photographs exist of the Titanic, but the Olympic gives a sense of its grand design.

    Aboard the Titanic


    Titanic Construction

    Raising the anchor for the last time, the Titanic departs Queenstown (Cobh), Ireland, at 1:55pm on April 11, 1912

    The Titanic in Belfast

    Titanic, the ship of dreams

    Titanic Memorial, Belfast City Hall

    Titanic passengers

    One of Titanic's watertight doors.

    David Blair could thank White Star line corporate red tape for saving his life. He had been appointed as second officer of the Titanic, sailing with her during her sea trials, and making the trip from Belfast to Southampton. But he was not on board when the Titanic set sail for America. It is thought that the White Star line wanted Chief Officer Henry Wilde to have experience aboard a ship (the Titanic) he might someday captain, so Wilde was transferred from the Olympic to the Titanic, and Bl...

    Titanic victims' memorial statue in Belfast

    Thomas Andrews, Naval Architect of #Titanic (February 7, 1873 - April 15, 1912)

    Harland and Wolff in Belfast is famous for building the Titanic, and while the yard remains active, the original Drawing Office and slipway where the ocean liner Titanic was built are long since abandoned.

    Thomas Andrews, designer of the Titanic

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    World's largest RMS Titanic museum opens in Belfast

    “Only known photograph aboard Titanic and also last known photograph. Pictured alongside Lightoller, as they prepare to close the gangway before depature from Queenstown, Ireland on April 11th, 1912. It is also the last known photograph of a Titanic officer on duty.”

    Titanic Memorial - Belfast, Northern Ireland